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How do I use Sheriff?

When Sheriff joins your server, you can get started by typing "s_help".
"s_" is Sheriff's default prefix. You can change the prefix in your server using "s_prefix <new prefix>", or "s_prefix none" to run Sheriff without a prefix

How to play?

Sheriff's Economy Game is easier than it looks. The goal is to get as many Diamonds 💎 as possible. On the 30th of each month, the 3 players with the most Diamonds 💎 will get rewards.
You can get a detailed explanation for the Economy Game by using "s_howto"

Is supporting the Bot worth it?

Absolutely! By supporting Sheriff you get amazing rewards and benefits that boost your progress in the game. At the same time you help us covering the hosting and maintenance costs to keep Sheriff up and running!

Is my progress linked to my server?

No. Sheriff's Economy Game is a global entertainment. This means your progress stays with you no matter on which server you use the Bot!

Didn't find the answer to your question? Feel free to join the Support Server, where you can ask the Developer or a Moderator for further help!

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