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Sheriff Bot

Your global Discord Gambling

Sheriff is a revolutionary Discord Bot that comes with a global economy game, rewarding users with monthly Nitro prizes. Sheriff is also offering Image Manipulation and lightweight Moderation

Popular Features



Sheriff comes with a massive and unique economy, which keeps growing!

Build up your own business, show your bling, rob other users or try your luck at the slotmachine or roulette table! To help you on your way up, you can get daily- and vote bonuses!



Bored at work or in the subway? Sheriff's got you!

Guess a random number between 0 and 100, shoot bandits in the unique shooting game, do some speedtyping, play roulette..

All linked to the economy system, bringing you loads of coins!



Take quick moderative actions with Sheriff!

Assign roles automatically or multiple at once, set up a welcome message, mute users, log your actions!


Know Your Community

You wanna know more about your community and members?
Let Sheriff display detailed information about your server and individual members!

Get creation dates, join dates, highest roles and a lot more on the fly!


Image Manipulation

Ever wanted to see what a screenshot or profile picture looks like with some filters applied?

With Sheriff you can do that on the fly!
Choose between a variety of unique filters, including the distorting "magik" filter, as well as funny overlays!
Create your own memes within seconds!


Hosting Events

Set a time, how many users can join, and wait for them to react! All users who react will get mentioned once the timer runs out or you click the start button.

You are in control!


Custom Tags

You can create custom Tags in your server - Messages that can be called anytime and save you from retyping!

Impressed? There's a lot more!

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