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Towns | Visual and Size Update

I'm happy to announce the brand new Tileset in towns! No more ugly towns with 3 inch gaps on iOS devices, no more different looking tiles on different devices.

With the new Tileset, towns look the same on all devices. Discord-Grey gaps have been removed by adding the Lawn-Tile behind every object!

I regret to tell you this comes with a change in size. Due to Discord Message Length limitations, towns are from now on 8x8, 64 tiles; instead of 11x8, 88 tiles.

This update is fully backwards compatible. Existing towns are not updated automatically and will still function properly. However, they have been cut into 8x8.

Updating a tile of your town will place one of the new tiles.

All users with a town consisting of the old tiles can join the Support Server to get a refund of 132,000,000 coins.

I hope you like the new look as much as I do!

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