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Expanding Sheriff

While Sheriff is mainly a bot for economy and gambling, there are quite a few peope (including myself) who use Sheriff for moderation and utility.

With that in mind, a lot of work went into Sheriff during the last couple days to expand its Moderation and Utility capabilities: Custom Tags

The previously announced Custom Tags got some minor changes to make them better. Every server can have up to 25 custom tags for the bot to send on demand.


Ever saw a cool emoji on a different server and wanted to have it in your own server?

With Sheriff you can just steal it. Send the emoji with the command and Sheriff will create it in your server!


Moderators can now request a banlist from Sheriff, which shows all banned users in your server.


Sheriff can now mute users, stopping them from sending messages in your server.


This will send a list of currently muted users for you to keep track

Warn Allows you to warn a user (e.g. for rulebreaking). Sheriff will send them a fancy DM with your custom reason. After 3 warnings, Sheriff will give you the option to kick them from your server.

Leaderboard improved

The leaderboard received a little visual improvement with fancy formatted numbers.


Same as the leaderboard, but with coins 👀

Ping command improved

The ping command now shows the ping of all important connections

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